Does that resonate with you?

It didn’t matter how much had come against you in previous pursuits, you just kept getting up and doing what you really truly didn’t feel like doing at the time in order to achieve a specific end. You pushed through what you had to push through to get there.

Maybe going to that 8am class or that 8pm class after you worked all day.

Maybe you got to the gym when you only wanted to go to bed.

Maybe you chose to eat something clean rather than the pizza.

Maybe you pushed yourself beyond anything you ever imagined and you’re still moving forward.

Maybe you had every reason in the world to give up on something and you didn’t give up. And you actually accomplished it.

Don’t forget about those victories. Remember what you achieved and remember how hard it was, really remember how hard it was.

Sometimes when we accomplish a certain feat that at one time seemed so far out of reach and we’ve finally obtained it, we downplay what it took to get there. We forget the struggle.

We can’t forget the struggle.

That’s what got us there and that’s what will get us to the next thing we’re pushing toward.

Remember the pain of your past and the amazing teaching that it brought. It was not brought to you for destruction, it was brought to you with the purpose to build.

When you and I remember the shit, piss, and pain we walked through to get that degree or write that book or get that job–then the shit, piss, and pain that we’re currently walking through to get to our dreams will be seen only as part of the process.

It’s just what we go through here in order to get to there.

Remind yourself that you don’t ever give up. Because you don’t.

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1 Comments on “I Don’t Ever Give Up”

  1. I really needed this after the day I had today. I’d forgotten. It’s hard to keep going sometimes, Mark when what’s in front of you seems harder than all you’ve accomplished to date. Nevertheless….I will

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