In-Ground Pool

Today my cousin Vicky called me at 7am. She knew I’d be awake and I was. She told me that Lefty had passed away. Well she said that “pap” had passed away. He was her father-in-law and obviously her kids, Aaron, Autumn, and Avi’s grandfather, and her husband Scott’s father.

Richard “Lefty” Adams was 79 years old and would have been 80 in August. He was Chief of Police for Duquesne Police Department from 1996 until he retired in 2016 with over 50 years of serving the badge. Read More

There’s Nothing More Important Than Family

My younger cousin is graduating from college. Penn State University Class of 2020 School of Engineering. I’m so proud of this dude I could explode.

He and I had one of those really deep talks that you walk away from knowing that it really mattered. Knowing that it was an important conversation.

“Everything is going to be different in August”, he told me referring to the fact that he’d be back home and not up at school–working at an engineering firm and not worrying about physics exams. Read More


I hate this so much.

There isn’t one part of me that that finds anything appealing about where we are right now.

Shut in from friends and family and the accompanying presence of constant fear when we do step outside to get some groceries or fresh air.

This sucks. Actually, this fucking sucks.

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I Don’t Ever Give Up

Does that resonate with you?

It didn’t matter how much had come against you in previous pursuits, you just kept getting up and doing what you really truly didn’t feel like doing at the time in order to achieve a specific end. You pushed through what you had to push through to get there. Read More

In the Same Year

So much can  happen in just a year.

It was within this last year that,  first I went bankrupt and then I got hired in the highest paying position I’ve ever had.

It was within this last year that I went from living in a bedroom, single, and lonely to having a baby on the way with a girl and a family that has brought more color to my life than I thought possible. And we live in a house.

With so much that can happen in a year, imagine how much can happen in a year

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