“Therefore I Tell You…”

Once you’ve read several different books or articles on success or watched different speakers teach on the subject of attaining that illusive wonder called, success, you start to notice common threads in what is being said or written. One common thing that I’ve noticed is to be thankful now for things that haven’t even happened yet. Read More


I’ve taken some time away from writing recently. I’ve had a lot happening this summer from moving in with my girlfriend to starting a new job to going back to grad school to leaving that new job because I hated it…

Lots of things going on. Read More

100 Good Things

My issue is that I focus on the one bad thing when there are at least one-hundred good things.

My mind stretches toward perfection, a deep yearning for something this world does not contain.

There is pain, suffering, and sorrow.

There is not ONLY pain, suffering, and sorrow.

There is also joy, peace, rest, excitement, and fulfillment.

My focus easily rests on the former list yet evades the latter list with an intensity I can’t describe. Read More

Conditionally Happy

I’ll be happy if all of the conditions of my life meet the standard I’ve set in order to allow myself the luxury of feeling happy. If the bills have all been paid and I have money left over, if I have the job I love and don’t hate, if I’m in relationship with the perfect person, if I’ve achieved every dream I’ve ever had, if my kids are themselves happy, pleasant, and self-sufficient, if, if, if… Read More

The Wins We’re Worthy Of

I always notice that the posts that get the most likes on almost any social media platform are the ones where there’s a win involved.

What do I mean by a win?

Just a positive life experience. A good move in a good direction. Read More