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Mark Craven is the author of, “Choice And Triumph”, “Be A Hero To Your Heart”, “Blog Book vol. 1: We Shouldn’t Have Met This Soon”, and “Two-Step Success”. He writes a weekly (or sometimes daily) blog for his website, He also hosts the podcast, “The Craven Effect”. A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and having spent a year living in Los Angeles, California, he currently resides in his hometown of Pittsburgh. Mark holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from Carlow University and has experience in research through the Materials Science and Engineering Dept. at Carnegie Mellon University, work for which has been published in the Journal of Electronic Materials. He has worked as a Mathematics Instructor and Student Success Coach at the Community College of Allegheny County and during his time in Los Angeles worked as a Scholarship Programs Coordinator at the University of Southern California. Having been featured on television and radio, Mark is active in motivational speaking and success coaching.

This book was written with a new perspective on things we all already know. It is the result of blogging 106 days in a row, even on Christmas, to both show myself and the reader that we can be consistent in going after our goals and above all, achieve our goals. It is the result of an inner journey I went on that I shared with all who were willing to read. Hopefully the words written within will ignite within you, the reader, hope and belief that you can do those things you don’t think you can do  

Two steps will lead to your success. No matter the size of your dream and all that you wish to accomplish. It takes only the two steps described within these few pages. Here’s to your success! You’re only two steps away!

Less than two months ago I quit my job in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, sold everything I owned, packed my car with clothes (and books), and drove across the country to Los Angeles, California. I looked into my heart and realized how extraordinary the things were that I had found and I knew, and still know, that in order to achieve those things, it would take the same type of action. Action that is extraordinary.

…Choosing the fight means to choose your heart. To let your heart win you over. Choosing the fight also means to win over your fears, your indifference, and, in most cases, your better judgement…

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