Why Not You?

Don’t answer that!

It’s a stupidly easy question to answer.

I don’t have the money.

I don’t have the resources.

I don’t have the talent.

I don’t have what they have.

It’s stupidly easy to see the stupid amount of roadblocks between us and success. We are naturally negative creatures with built-in psychological mechanisms that whisper to us why we can’t do anything. Probably has something to do with evolution. Survival of the fittest. That sort of thing–self-preservation. Read More

Maintaining Mediocrity

A good friend at my recent book signing looked down at the five books I had on display at the signing table and asked, “How the hell do you find time to do this on top of working full-time and everything else you have going on?”

I really hadn’t thought about it like this and the easiest thing I could think to say to Chris was, “When you love something, you always find time for it.” Read More

Everything Hurts

I moved back to Pittsburgh from Los Angeles in 2017. My heart was broken and so was my bank account. The only thing that I seemed to be able to get myself to do was go to the gym. I had belonged to LA Fitness when I lived in California and switched my membership over when I moved back home. I was pretty relentless, even doing “two-a-days” meaning, exactly as it sounds, going twice a day.

The thing that I was most consistent with was ensuring that I got on the StairMaster for at least 20 minutes every day. Again, sometimes twice a day when the anxiety was biting just a little harder than usual. It was my brokenness and shattered heart that pushed me to go. With everything else so outside of my control, this was the one thing that I could control. Read More

“Therefore I Tell You…”

Once you’ve read several different books or articles on success or watched different speakers teach on the subject of attaining that illusive wonder called, success, you start to notice common threads in what is being said or written. One common thing that I’ve noticed is to be thankful now for things that haven’t even happened yet. Read More


I’ve taken some time away from writing recently. I’ve had a lot happening this summer from moving in with my girlfriend to starting a new job to going back to grad school to leaving that new job because I hated it…

Lots of things going on. Read More