100 Good Things

My issue is that I focus on the one bad thing when there are at least one-hundred good things.

My mind stretches toward perfection, a deep yearning for something this world does not contain.

There is pain, suffering, and sorrow.

There is not ONLY pain, suffering, and sorrow.

There is also joy, peace, rest, excitement, and fulfillment.

My focus easily rests on the former list yet evades the latter list with an intensity I can’t describe.

To me, if not everything is great and every day I’m not praised, I feel worthless.

What an insane way to be.

Why can’t I just be?

I just want to be.

No matter what is going on around me or within me… I just. Want. To be.

What does it mean to be?

It’s right there. Right here. This moment. No matter if it’s a storm or the shining sun, to be is right here. Now. Here. No matter what is happening. To be is here. To be is now.

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Conditionally Happy

I’ll be happy if all of the conditions of my life meet the standard I’ve set in order to allow myself the luxury of feeling happy. If the bills have all been paid and I have money left over, if I have the job I love and don’t hate, if I’m in relationship with the perfect person, if I’ve achieved every dream I’ve ever had, if my kids are themselves happy, pleasant, and self-sufficient, if, if, if… Read More

The Wins We’re Worthy Of

I always notice that the posts that get the most likes on almost any social media platform are the ones where there’s a win involved.

What do I mean by a win?

Just a positive life experience. A good move in a good direction. Read More

Book Release 2019

It’s pretty hard to believe that I’m coming up on another book release. The craziest part is that it’s at Barnes & Noble.

I always knew I’d write at least one book because my life has been so damn crazy. What I didn’t expect was to have written five books within four years. And having the chance to have a second release event at Barnes & Noble is a huge deal. Read More


This is not something I am particularly good at. I’m very weak here actually. I definitely would not teach a class on being a better truster.

Trust is one of the hardest things I’ve ever tried doing. What goes on in my head does not match reality at all. And I believe all of it. Every time. Read More