Your Pain is Valid

When I worked with the insurance company, the president/CEO had a few methods for motivating that I’d say were at best, ineffective. At least ineffective for people like me. The one thing that stands out–and I see where he was trying to go with it but it just didn’t work for me–kind of messed me up. Read More

How to Handle the Intangible

Image by Free-Photos on Pixabay

What if I handed you a strange looking object that you really weren’t sure about? You didn’t know what it was, what it did, what it could do… It just looked kind of futuristic and mysterious. And after I handed it to you, I told you that it had a type of magical power. It could make all of your dreams come true. The car, the house, the debt-free living. Maybe a little fame and some fortune. All of this, but it all rests within how you handled this curious object that I gave you. Read More

Couple Things

It takes some time to figure out what you really want to do with your life. Or at least figure out something that you’re passionate enough about to put your whole heart into. You have to try and fail at a few or a lot of things before you finally fall into the rhythm of your heart’s desire. It’s a fun and frustrating ride. You just can’t get so caught up in worrying about success and whether or not you’ll obtain it, that you’re no longer paying attention to what’s going on right now because your thoughts are solely on tomorrow. It’s ok to think ahead to tomorrow and have a five- or ten-year plan, but today is pretty important. Now, it’s not going to be easy working on your craft and building toward your ultimate goal—meaning, everyday isn’t going to be a picnic even though you’re doing your heart’s work—but if there isn’t ANY joy in the work that you’re doing, then you’re probably on a flawed path. At least a flawed path for you. Read More


I’ve heard that if you don’t have some regrets by the end of your life, then you really didn’t live. That’s reassuring, in a sense, because I definitely have some regrets. I know that everyone wants to live without regrets—meaning they want to live in the moment and live their best life—but, even if you’re living your life fully and making decisions based on the direction of the pull of your heart, you’ll still have some regrets (which, I guess is a good thing because you wouldn’t have made those moves if you weren’t listening to your heart). Read More

The Man Who Lost His Imagination

Sometimes I wonder and almost fear what will happen if I run out of material. I mean, I’ve put a ton of work into building websites, gaining readers, and putting out books and blogs with the promise of putting out more. I guess it’s a fear of letting people down. Read More