Book Release 2019

It’s pretty hard to believe that I’m coming up on another book release. The craziest part is that it’s at Barnes & Noble.

I always knew I’d write at least one book because my life has been so damn crazy. What I didn’t expect was to have written five books within four years. And having the chance to have a second release event at Barnes & Noble is a huge deal. Read More


This is not something I am particularly good at. I’m very weak here actually. I definitely would not teach a class on being a better truster.

Trust is one of the hardest things I’ve ever tried doing. What goes on in my head does not match reality at all. And I believe all of it. Every time. Read More

At the End of Yourself

I host a podcast called, The Craven Effect, and on an episode called, “The Waiting Place”, I interviewed a great friend of mine. Pastor Dave and I talked about the different moments in life where we are going through a process and where we are in a place of waiting.

That’s not what I want to talk about here. There are some great points about this type of process in life and you can listen to the full podcast HERE

But what I want to talk about is something we mentioned on the episode but didn’t devote too much time to. Read More

I Believe In You

Sometimes we need that don’t we? I know I do. And that’s why I’m telling you right now that I believe with all of my heart that you can and will make it. This darkness that’s covered seems so dark, but there is light, there is respite, and it’s coming your way.

Let life wrap it’s love around you in this moment. Let peace breathe deep into your lungs and fill your body with strength and calm and content. Let your mind release all of its tension and allow it to playfully drift into this moment. Your hard times are over. The sun is rising. Joy is closing in. Peace… I can feel it already. Read More

See It Through

I just realized something about myself. I get really excited about new projects that I start and immediately want to forget about the other thing I was working on. But I’m thankful that I do see projects through to the end, even when I get excited about something new. I think that’s a distinguishing quality of people that are successful. They can see things through to completion. Which is a tricky task especially when you’re a creative because new things hit you in such a sporadic way. You never know when you’re gonna be smacked with a ton of inspiration and that deluge of inspiration is not always related. It’s a new song, a new book, a different blog, a new episode. And it all happens while you’re right in the middle of working on something that’s only half-completed; or worse, something that’s almost fully completed. Read More