I heard a quote once that said you make within two-thousand dollars of your closest friends. But if you’re like me, human connection outweighs monetary gain. Sure, I plan on owning a Ferrari, but that vision has nothing on the dream to hug as many people as I possibly can. Read More

Strange Decisions

USC?! Why would you leave Southern California to come back to Pittsburgh?!”… “Life insurance? What’s the deal Craven? You hit your head?”… These are some of the joyous proclamations that I have gotten lately in response to the decisions I’ve been making. Read More

One or Two More Sales

Right now, I’m one or two sales away from getting myself back on my feet for at least enough time to make one or two more sales that will keep me on my feet to make one or two more sales to continue. Read More


Are you willing to cut loose some of the things in your life that are poisoning you? I was just sitting here, at Barnes and Noble, reflecting on the elevated level of health that I feel simply because I have made some decisions to severe ties that severely needed severed. Read More

Failure Survival Guide

You need your dream and your VISION in order to SURVIVE failure. If you are getting ready to make some big moves in your life and you’re not anticipating failure, you’re wearing rose colored glasses. There is a huge difference between being positive and EXPECTING to succeed and simply fantasizing about where you’d like to be or imagining that good fortune is just going to fall out of the sky… Read More