“Therefore I Tell You…”

Once you’ve read several different books or articles on success or watched different speakers teach on the subject of attaining that illusive wonder called, success, you start to notice common threads in what is being said or written. One common thing that I’ve noticed is to be thankful now for things that haven’t even happened […]

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The Man Who Lost His Imagination

Sometimes I wonder and almost fear what will happen if I run out of material. I mean, I’ve put a ton of work into building websites, gaining readers, and putting out books and blogs with the promise of putting out more. I guess it’s a fear of letting people down.

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Your Beautiful Endless Heart

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Really, the only constant in life is change. Things that I thought I knew yesterday are not the same things that I know today. Especially those things regarding my heart. I’ve noticed that the things in my heart grow and change over time. They are anything but constant. Certain things may remain the same for […]

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Staying Stagnant and Miserable Does Not Just Eventually Turn Into Joy

Photo by Taylor Barber on Unsplash

Why would you move back here? That’s the same question I used to ask when I’d meet someone that either moved back to Pittsburgh or to Pittsburgh from somewhere else. I’d ask that question especially poignantly if the move was from California. It’s kind of funny to be on the other side of the question […]

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We still…

Photo by Sunyu on Unsplash

Isn’t the human spirit something that’s amazing to behold? Looking over the events that have taken place recently, specifically the mass killings, I sit back and feel my heart break for our race. Our human race. My heart breaks for the broken hearts shattered by these events… And as I sit back and look outside, […]

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