Staying Stagnant and Miserable Does Not Just Eventually Turn Into Joy

Photo by Taylor Barber on Unsplash

Why would you move back here? That’s the same question I used to ask when I’d meet someone that either moved back to Pittsburgh or to Pittsburgh from somewhere else. I’d ask that question especially poignantly if the move was from California. It’s kind of funny to be on the other side of the question […]

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That’s Impossible. You’ll Never Do That.

I had wanted to move to California for so long. Even before I ever visited, I knew I wanted to live there. It was something that burned deep within me. Just a simple knowing. When I did finally visit and then visited again and again and again, I knew without question that I wanted to […]

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Traveling Salesman

This past weekend I spent Saturday and Sunday meeting with clients in Philadelphia. That’s about four hours away from where I live in Pittsburgh. Along with writing books, blogs, hosting podcasts, and advising college students, I also work in sales. Life insurance actually.

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